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natural mineral water
Your life energy booster

Enjoy every day of your life with plenty of energy and good heath! PSYZH will surely help you with it.

PSYZH is a natural mineral water that improves gastrointestinal function and benefits metabolism. What is even more important, it helps our body to produce serotonin, which is often called a ‘happy hormone’.

When we are happy and full of energy, the world around becomes brighter, and every goal achievable.

Drink PSYZH and charge yourself with positive energy!

Legenda gor Arkhyz
natural mineral water
True emotions with ARKHYZ

Legenda gor Arkhyz water is born in the Arkhyz Gorge, one of the most beautiful pieces of nature in Karachay-Cherkessia and the entire Russia.

The gorge sits high in the Caucasus Mountains, 1,100 meters above the sea level and far away from any human activity. It is a preservation area along the boundary of the Teberda National Park.

natural mineral water
Natural mineral water for everyday use

GORNAYA VERSHINA is the most popular drinking water distributed in 19L bottles. It is sold in 56 Russian regions with the population of over 100 million.

GORNAYA VERSHINA water is taken from an impoundment that gives origin to the purest mountain springs. Having tasted real mountain water once, you will buy it again and again.

natural mineral water for babies
Care from the first days of life

Created especially for babies, DlyaLyal water caters to the functionality and safety needs.

It can be given to children from the very first day of their life and used to mix with infant formulas and cook baby food.

carbonated water
Helps losing weight

AquaGracio water facilitates metabolism, helping you to stay fit and healthy

soft carbonated drinks
Treat your guests with our drinks!

AQUALINE soft drinks offer a mix of well-liked classic and one-of-a-kind flavours.

Chili Isindi, Melon & Mint and Pear & Caramel drinks were recognised by the PRODEXPO 2018 Tasting Committee for their flavour and novelty of the recipes.

soft carbonated drinks
Most liked drinks in Southern Russia

Elbrusinka is a wide selection of the most popular flavoured drinks well known in Russia for their full and rich fruit flavours.

Elbrusinka Kids
natural mineral water for kids
For health and growth

Children need balanced nutrition and a sufficient amount of clean natural water to develop properly and have enough energy to play and study. The minerals contained in Elbrusinka Kids (calcium, magnesium and sodium) help children to grow and become stronger.

A healthy child is a happy family!

Zhemchuzhina Kavkaza
drinking water
Affordable natural water for your daily needs

Zhemchuzhina Kavkaza is an affordable top-quality water for you to cook tasty and healthy dishes for the family.